Oh dear…


It’s finally happened.


We knew it was inevitable, but didn’t figure that it would be so soon.

Mary Kay Rocks is officially 2 weeks old, and we’re already at 18,000 hits! YIPPEE!!

Thanks to all of the Consultants and Directors and friends of the Winners Circle unit who have stopped by to say “hello”. In fact, check out the new Guestbook page…up there on your right! It’s the perfect place to introduce yourself. But comments are great, too, and our girls are already having a great time, if you haven’t noticed already. (41 comments on the “Your Turn” post!?! Awesome. LOL!)

We’re glad to be a part of something “greater” in the grand scheme of things…which includes you!

Love from…

~ The Mary Kay Rocks Team ~


One thing that has always set our unit apart (besides having Robin Dunda as our teacher/mentor!) is the way we always find a way to make things FUN. Fun is something we take very seriously. (lol) As you can see by the comment conversation we have going here, we love Mary Kay – the product and the opportunity and we love our girlfriends. Besides, everyone knows that…girls just wanna have fun!

Our unit meetings were possibly the most entertaining in the company. Surely every consultant in our unit has her favorite “Robin” moment! Robin Blackmon Dunda was indeed a Director that took her leadership role seriously. She was so eager to teach us the methods she learned from Mary Kay Ash – as young as 7 years old! – that she pulled out all the stops to engage us and convey the passion that Mary Kay herself possessed for this company, product and opportunity.

We’ve been known to get up and dance during the awesome music provided by our favorite maestro, Stryker; hug each other for no reason at all, giggle so much that we were nearly banned to the hallway (tee hee), be spontaneously served Krispy Kremes or chocolates, host amazing potlucks, scream and cheer while watching ourselves on stage in last year’s Seminar movie clips, and leave the meeting exhausted from laughing, yet inspired and exhilirated to make it our best week ever.

The most valuable thing we had drilled into us tho, is that being a consultant isn’t about you. It’s about “enriching women’s lives”. In our society and all over the world, women work hard as mothers, wives, teachers, nurses, accountants, etc. and many other seemingly thankless jobs. Make it fun to be your customer! Do what you can to brighten someone else’s day at a party or a facial or even with a thinking-of-you card. In doing so, you’ll enrich your own life in the process – growing your business, yes, but forging relationships for life.

…and that, is a concept that’s “something completely different”. 😉

Your turn…


…and now we want to hear from you!

This is an interactive site, and our desire is to make it as user-friendly as possible. So leave us a comment, giving your feedback about what you like so far and offer suggestions for improvement!

It’s a great day!

~ The Mary Kay Rocks Team ~

It’s uncanny how our lives seem to be “themed” at times. Meaning to say, no matter how alone it might feel to face our individual trials (a.k.a. growth spurts!), and when it seems we are nearing the end of our proverbial rope, a word of encouragement from a friend we “happen” to bump into, a song or hymn sung at church, and even a phrase read from a blog, can all serve to tie in and even make sense of what the Lord is doing in our lives!

How many times have you ever felt like this?? (lol!)

The following was written by a friend of ours recently, and we thought it brought out a very good point:

I’ve been thinking about the comparing/competing cycle that we humans seem to be caught up in, and am noticing how we spend the great majority of our time proving our worth in order to get kudos from others. It’s like we spend all our time trying to suck praise and admiration out of others, and we’re all doing it!

Listen to the conversations that happen around you, listen to the words. It’s like we need to get our quota of reassurance each day. I’ve also noticed that there’s a distinct difference between those who have a better handle on how loved they are, and those who don’t.

The biggest indicators are:

* they aren’t constantly looking for someone to blame

* they readily acknowledge their faults

* they are genuinely humble

* they apologize quickly

* they rarely tear others down, but rather recognise their brokeness and have compassion for them

* they don’t need to be constantly reassured

* they’re low maintenance friends

* and possibly most importantly, they can freely give love away, recognizing that it doesn’t cost them anything

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? This is who I want to become, with God’s help… and love.

Of course, those of us who are in Mary Kay, get plenty of sincere recognition from our Consultant friends, who are just as excited as we are – or more so, in some cases!! – when we overcome an obstacle and develop another aspect in our businesses.

But as rewarding as recognition for our business achievements is, what if we depend on this alone as our “validation”? The result could be somewhat detrimental to our emotional health! Instead, it’s important to remind ourselves – and each other – of our immense value in the sight of God, our Maker, who will never leave nor forsake us. His love is “vast, immeasurable, boundless, and free”.

And so we conclude with this sweet picture, which is a touching portrait of our Father who watches over us (even if we momentarily forget His incredible care for us!) 🙂

Goodmorning, ladies! It’s Friday! 😀

The end of another busy week for many of us. This morning, we received this entry via e-mail from Junanne, who has beautifully summed up her thoughts and has given us all another reminder to focus on exactly what we’re to be about. Again – why let yourself willingly be distracted and disheartened? Ponder her words! Her example of a real-woman’s feelings, yet her choice to react with the forbearance and love we are all called to – both as Christians, of course, and as fellow humans in a fallen world – are a timely inspiration. Thank you, Junanne!

And to all who are reading this blog today…

We love you and want God’s BEST for you – today and always!

Mary Kay Rocks ~

Thank you for your positive, uplifting thoughts, and for giving us a place to keep the bonds of friendship alive that were formed through the Winners’ Circle!

When I read your words which reminded me to think about things that are pure, lovely, and of good report, I decided to “be still” for a while tonight. I decided to think about good things while I sat here watching the full moon illuminate everything outside. It’s almost impossible not to think about God and other awesome things when the sight outside the window is so breathtaking.

I believe that one of the most wonderful aspects of being human is that we always have more that we can do. As people who walk through the world, no matter where we work, no matter what our circumstances, who our friends are, where we live, what our dreams are, whether we are young or old, married or single – it doesn’t matter. There is always a chance to do “more.” We all fall short, and of course as humans, none of us is perfect. We have a choice each day – we can do more good – or not. We can move past a disappointment with courage and assurance – or not. We can hold a grudge – or not.

Each day of our lives, we can pray for: More faith in God’s wisdom and His will. More understanding. More love than anger. More resolve to refrain from bitterness. More power to shun gossip or hurtful words. More trust. More words that build others up than tear others down. More tolerance. More kindness. More courage to ask for forgiveness as we seek to forgive. More humility. More time made for things that are eternal.

We can seek out ways to bring more happiness to others. We can ask for hearts that will know more about easing the pain of those who are hurting. We can take more opportunities to help those who are less fortunate. We can be more generous. We can pray that those who feel hopeless will be filled with more hope. We can praise God more for everything. We can be more adamant about never sitting in judgement of another person. We can be more sure about never casting the first stone, knowing that none of us is without sin. We can focus on how we choose to treat others more than we allow ourselves to focus on how we are treated.

God didn’t promise us that our lives as human beings would be easy. In fact, He told us that we would always have trials and tribulations. His Word does teach us how to react to almost every situation, though. We can always, and should always, strive to do better – and do more. My hope and prayer is that anyone who asks would be blessed with more fruits of the spirit. May there be more healing, if healing of any kind is needed. May we always be reminded to give more than is expected and to love more than we believe that we’re able to love.

~ Junanne

In an attempt to address a couple of concerns that have been voiced recently, we thought it important to discuss some of the “why’s” of the way we do things on this site.

To begin with, we are in no way unaware of certain circumstances affecting our unit at present. However, since we are independent consultants and our relationship with the company is unchanged, to debate these issues publicly would be not only fruitless, but would also tend to distract us from the task at hand – which is to educate ourselves in order to work our businesses more efficiently and, most importantly, to live our lives to the glory of God. (As stated here.)

The point of this blogsite is to give us a place to interact with the friends and fellow members of our Million-Dollar Unit, and to remind each other of our accomplishments (2006 = #1we did it!!), not forgetting the goals which lie ahead. This is by no means an exclusive site, for our group alone. If you are reading this and are not a member of the Winner’s Circle unit, we are thrilled to have your support and hope that you will be encouraged in turn by what we are up to here!

If there is anything that our Top Director, Robin Blackmon-Dunda, taught us, it’s that if anything great is to be done in this company, it takes a collaborative effort. “One, is the loneliest number that you ever did see…” (Does that bring back any memories of unit meetings? :-D) Under the leadership of Robin, our unit has been a part of such amazing fun! Last summer, we remember sitting on the very front row in the Arena at Seminar 2005 and seeing Robin crowned Queen of the Sapphire Division with our very own eyes. To sit there and watch that Award’s Night play out on stage, knowing that you had contributed personally to our unit’s success with just the measures taken to grow your own business, is (nearly) indescribable! That moment was incredibly thrilling and one that will never be forgotten.


Some have wondered whether it is wise to post memories of these things publicly, since it is possible that what we hold in high regard may be scorned by those who have never experienced such leadership, but the collaborative team here at Mary Kay Rocks agree that we have nothing to hide. The Bible itself tells us not to “put our light under a bushel”!

The influence of Robin Blackmon-Dunda , and our Million-Dollar unit that represents her, is far-reaching indeed. It’s possible that while here we will edify not only ourselves, but many, many others of the MK community and general public, and for that reason, we do not take lightly our responsiblity as Christian women to “shun profane and vain babblings “, but encourage you to think instead on those things that are “lovely, pure, of good report”, etc. We hope you will take our admonition to not frequent any website that only serves to slander and cast shadows upon the character of those affiliated with our company. Our purpose in this is not to prevent you from being exposed to certain “truths”, but hopefully make you aware that to fill our minds with such things is both fruitless and disheartening. Therefore we serve to remind you that there are always two sides to every story.

Life is a journey that includes both exhilarations and disappointments. Our value as a human being in God’s sight is tremendous, but it’s easy to lose sight of this Truth when we face personal hardships and sorrow. How much better then to lift each other up in prayer and with an encouraging word? For our bond of friendship is much stronger than the alliance we have as Independent Beauty Consultants. And that is what we celebrate here.

Love from…

~ The Mary Kay Rocks Team ~

…with a picture blog! (Thanks to Amber and Denai for some great pix!!)

As a Gonna Bee Director, Amber can’t wait to drive her daughters home in the famous Pink Cadillac. The model shown at the MK Expo for this year’s Seminar was FABULOUS!


The annual Awards evening that we dress up in our princess gowns, leave the year’s struggles behind us forever to celebrate our accomplishments in style, gives us a renewed vision to make next year the best ever!


We get SO excited when our sisters succeed! If you’re a new Consultant, our enthusiasm may be a different experience for you – and even a tad alarming! (lol) – but we can’t help it, it’s undeniable, and you have to admit that there’s nothing quite like watching someone you care about finish the goal!! (Hurray for Tammy!)


But although profit from sales made and prizes earned are both thrilling, the real treasure we value are our FRIENDS. At group events, we get a chance to spend real time with each other and usually end up making best buds for life!


To the all the unit members and friends of the Winner’s Circle and our amazingly talented Top Director, Robin Blackmon-Dunda…

We love you!!

~ The Mary Kay Rocks Team ~