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There are different schools of thought on working your Mary Kay with family and friends. Some consultants prefer to keep family and business separate while others dive right in and begin their business by working with those they already know well. Sharing Mary Kay with family and friends can present some unique challenges. But it […]

…as a restful Sunday afternoon. It’s rainy in the heart of MK country today. The “Home” CD by Michael Buble’ that’s playing in the background perfectly fits my mood and the ambience in this household today. What about you? What recharges and nurtures your soul? Is it meeting a friend for coffee? Worshipping at church? […]

It’s uncanny how our lives seem to be “themed” at times. Meaning to say, no matter how alone it might feel to face our individual trials (a.k.a. growth spurts!), and when it seems we are nearing the end of our proverbial rope, a word of encouragement from a friend we “happen” to bump into, a […]

In an attempt to address a couple of concerns that have been voiced recently, we thought it important to discuss some of the “why’s” of the way we do things on this site. To begin with, we are in no way unaware of certain circumstances affecting our unit at present. However, since we are independent […]

The nice thing about rain is that it gives one a new perspective of the outside world. After weeks and weeks and weeks (months?!) of nearly unbearable heat that turned me into a hermit, holed into my dark bat cave, hiding from even the suggestion of light, I’ve now opened up the entire house! In […]