Working with Family and Friends…


There are different schools of thought on working your Mary Kay with family and friends. Some consultants prefer to keep family and business separate while others dive right in and begin their business by working with those they already know well. Sharing Mary Kay with family and friends can present some unique challenges. But it can also be a lot of fun for you and for them. Here are some tips to share your Mary Kay with family and friends while also keeping the integrity of those relationships intact:

· Let the word get out about your business. Include friends and family in your business start-up mailings or e-mail initiatives. Sending out an announcement about your new business in the mail or by e-mail can be a great way to break the ice about your business. Even if a certain loved one is not interested, she may be able to give you a referral if she knows you’re in business.

· When it comes to face-to-face time with family and friends, take your time when introducing Mary Kay. Let your love of the product come up naturally in conversation, instead of forcing the topic. You needn’t be afraid to make casual mention of your business, but remember to keep the relationship first. Take the time to catch up about life in general before bringing up business. And if you’ve already sent her a mailing, she may just bring it up before you do!

· When family & friends do express interest, be sure to give them the same professional treatment you would to any other customer (i.e. don’t bag your mom’s order in a grocery sack if you usually give customers a Mary Kay bag for their products). It is important to provide all of your customers with outstanding customer service to prevent them feeling as if you take their business for granted.

· Play together! When a sister or cousin or best friend wants to try some of your fabulous Mary Kay products, this is a great excuse to just have fun together. If you already have a high trust level with each other then she’ll probably be more inclined to try new things that you recommend just for her. Take her lead on how much she wants to try and then as long as she is having fun, just have fun with her.

· Remember to “close” your friend or family member when you’re done “playing” with the products. A simple way to ask for the sale without putting on the pressure would be to say, “What have you tried today that you would like to take home?” If there is something she wants to take home then she’ll let you know. And if not, then you may consider gauging her future interest by offering to help her put together a wish list.

· While showing the products and even when closing, hold the sale itself loosely. If you’re otherwise very relaxed and easy going with her, then keep the mood relaxed when trying to “make the sale” with her. If you go into it with the idea that you’re just going to have fun and the sale is secondary, then she can relax and enjoy, and so can you. Whether she buys or not, at least you had a nice time with someone you care about!

· Take “no” for an answer. Whether it’s a “no” to a facial or a “no” to the Mary Kay business opportunity, it can be hard when someone you love doesn’t seem to be interested in something you love. But people and relationships should always come first. Move on graciously and continue to show the loved one the same love and respect you always have.

If you decide to work with family and friends it can be a great thing for you and for them. You will have someone you care about to work with. They will have customized product recommendations and great service from someone they already love and trust. Keeping relationships first and foremost will be the key to keeping your friends even while building a successful business.

(Many thanks to “EmeraldGirl” for this contribution!)


2 Responses to “Working with Family and Friends…”

  1. 1 Jerra


  2. Great point about “Taking no for an answer.” That’s a tough thing to do sometimes, but in the end, it’s the relationships that matter most.

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