Hot off the press!


We’re in the news, girls!    😀

The Dallas Morning News headlines the controversy between corporate and Robin Blackmon-Dunda, on the front page of the Business section. 

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7 Responses to “Hot off the press!”

  1. I will try to stay within the guidelines you have set forth, forgive me if I do not accomplish this.

    Since I am not in the MK club so to speak I am very confused as to why you would choose to even post the article here when your goal is to promote the positive side of things.

    In light of that…what exactly is the positive aspect here? And what sort of virtual conversation would you envision will take place around it?

  2. Hi, Mrs. M!

    Well, our goal is definitely not to only “promote the positive side of things.” Rather, we chose to make a safe and healthy environment where we and others can be encouraged. In a world of heartache and gossip, it’s easy to walk away from your computer feeling worse than when you sat down! I think you’ve seen pain and frustration acknowledged to some degree in some of our entries, as well as a search for a solution to better ourselves despite our situation.

    Since our Director, Robin Dunda, was terminated by the company 3 months ago, there has been a lot of confusion and dismay among our ranks, and among the entire MK world. There wasn’t really a nice way we could discuss this here, without it turning into yet another gossip-blog, nor did we want to wind up trying to defend ourselves – or Robin – against the rumors that are circulating.

    We thought this article was a fair report of what is happening, and a great example of truth in journalism. Also, with as spread-out as our unit is, we knew that some of our sisters and cousins from other states and areas would be interested to read this account.

  3. 3 Emerald Girl

    The account does indeed seem to be very fair and represents both sides nicely. Of course, I am an outsider looking in at the situation as I am not a part of your unit. But I wish you all the best as you move forward in these trying times.

  4. I suppose the part that saddens me most is the response Robin had to WHY she placed an order in another’s name. The response was that the consultant did not want her husband to know she was selling MK.

    In some ways I guess we could say, “well…what is going on in her marriage is not my business” however if we say we are believers in God and the person of Jesus Christ then honoring marriage ought to be a part of that so aiding someone in lying to her husband seems rather out of step with one’s devotion to God.

    Bear in mind, this is not an attempt to “bash” Robin. It is merely a thought that I have been pondering…wondering how common place this is…wondering if anyone else felt that to be an issue of integrity.

    In a company that promotes in it’s literature God first, Family Second, Career Third…it seems as though this sort of decision ought to be a no brainer.

    My response to the consultant might have been more like, “This is something you need to work out with your husband.”

    Why would that not have been appropriate?

  5. 5 Emerald Girl

    MrsMetaphor, you make some good points. That is probably all part of why that kind of a rule is in place in Mary Kay. 🙂 I don’t think that MKR posted the article as any kind of a statement for or against either party involved in the lawsuit.

  6. 6 Me

    I am not necessarily defending Robin in this instance, but I have known several women who were able to leave abusive marriages because they were able to build a savings account with money they made selling Mary Kay. In two of those instances, the husbands were unaware there was a Mary Kay career at all, because if they had known, they would have beaten their wives senseless for daring to do something outside of the home. I do not lie to my husband as a common practice, however, if I were in a situation that I needed to get out of, and placing an order behind my abusive husband’s back was a way to get out, you bet I would do it. We should not judge anyone’s actions without knowing all the facts, Mrs. Metaphor…

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Me!

    Mrs. M. brought up a valid point. And while we recognize that any independent sales force is full of a variety of different personalities, it would be naive to underline all the practices/methods of any one sales director (or, former director). Adapting a favorite director’s teachings (whether your own, or, an adopted director) is encouraged within Mary Kay…one of the beauties of being a Mary Kay consultant.

    Interestingly enough, integrity is both promoted and, in some cases, legislated at Mary Kay, Inc., which is why some of us are still around to promote the company in turn, because we recognize that they are protecting our freedom and themselves by sticking to the rules (such as, not putting in orders in another consultant’s name). 😉

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