Film at 11?…


WE DID IT! +25,000 HITS!!!

Mary Kay does indeed ROCK…thanks to YOU! 😉


13 Responses to “Film at 11?…”

  1. SSAAWWWEEEETTTT!!!!! Time to celebrate. 😀

  2. 2 Kira Merritt

    I completely agree!!…”and I helped”! lol 🙂

    Keep ROCKIN!!

  3. 3 Gina

    I’m baaaaaaaaaack…did you miss me?? hehe Mineola was beautiful! We loved it!!

    WE ROCK! Can’t wait to see everyone on Saturday…;-)

  4. 4 Jerra

    Hey Gina!! We did miss you. Isn’t Mineola beautiful?? We used to have a ranch there and it was so much fun. I love all the trees. Anyway, glad you’re back. See you saturday! Hugs, Jerra:)

  5. 5 Terry

    Love your web-site

  6. 6 Dacia :-)

    I am so upset!!  Someone is posting as me over on this other website.  I am so sick right now. I love Robin and have been with her for a long time. Why would someone do this?

  7. Hi Dacia!! Welcome to our site!! So, you’ve been with Robin a long time? I don’t know if we know each other…do you live in DFW? Don’t worry about other people posting…surely you’re not the only “Dacia”…giggle:) But, we’re glad you’re over here…post all you want…giggle 🙂 Have a great weekend.

    Love & Belief,

  8. So, who is going to the rally in the morning and where do we want to have lunch? 🙂 ~Jerra

  9. 9 Dacia :-)

    Thanks Jerra!! I have been in and out of Mary Kay since 97, I live in Louisville, Ky. I’m the one that just had twin boys in July!!! I am just sick over this, well you know… this site is awesome!

  10. 10 Gina

    Hey you guys! I’m starving, but finished half of my errands already in the time we supposed to be EATING. (lol!) *sigh*

    Dacia, it’s SO GOOD to see you on this site! And congrats on your boys!! I remember Robin introducing you at the meeting when she gave you your new consultant pin…and I want to encourage you that we are all here with you and thrilled that you’re our “sister”. 😀

    Stick around! We’re only just getting started…;-)

    Hugs from Gina.

  11. 11 Dacia :-)

    HUGS!!! Right back at ya!!!

  12. 12 Amber

    Hey guys! Sorry I missed Saturday’s rally. I gonna be honest, I forgot…AND I had my girls. Michael was out that day. Sorry. I hope everyone is doing fine. I miss all of you and hope to see all of you soon.
    Dacia, welcome to our site. There is no way of knowing that your name is on “another” site. There are so many, and we know who is AWESOME (like you!) and who is *icky*. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to MKRocks!!!! Glad to have you here!

  13. WE MISSED Y’ALL on Saturday. It was FANTASTIC training and, ladies, the training going on the rest of this month on Saturdays is NOT TO BE MISSED – Allison Lamar attended Linda Toupin’s Boot Camp THREE TIMES and she’s a National now…and her stats are WOWing. This is the same information we will be learning so mark your calendars NOW!! Next rally is Nov. 11th. I know Gina will echo that the Red Jacket training we received from Ms. Debrah Jackson this week was ah-inspiring!! Dacia – wish you were here to join in the fun BUT, you can still log on to the director’s sites to get the info, don’t forget.Jerra- look out for the mudd…it might be flying, but it washes right off. Especially with the new facial cloths. (LOL, that comment cracked me up!)HUGS to all of you and may you have a favor-full, glory-filled week!! 😀 I LOVE THIS BUSINESS!! 😀

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