Time for a Tuesday thing!


We’ve definitely been busy little “bee’s” this week!!  Whew!  September month-end is a few days away and so many new products – hope you’re as excited as we are to introduce our customers to these amazing new items.  And the sets!  Wow!!

We wanted to take this opportunity to show our thanks to our National Sales Director, Jo Ann Blackmon.  She is quite a woman!

Jo Ann is the sweetest lady you’ll ever meet.  Her voice is so soft, and always smiling – even over the phone.  With her gentle but firm reminders, she never fails to urge us to make the most of our businesses, constantly keeping the example of Mary Kay Ash at the forefront.  She’s always available for a kind word or advice about booking, etc.  She’s also the queen of e-mail!  Not a day goes by when we don’t have a new tip, deadline reminder, or selling idea in our inboxes.  Jo Ann is the mother of Robin Blackmon-Dunda, and no mother could be prouder!  Ron and Jo Ann provided a loving and positive environment for their children, truly encouraging them to stretch and reach their potentials…and what a legacy this mother instilled in her daughter!


More of her “story” later!  WE LOVE YOU, JO ANN!!


One Response to “Time for a Tuesday thing!”

  1. OVER 23,000 hits – yeah!!! Will Thursday be the big day…? I can’t wait to find out. Ice skating, here we come! I hope Ron and Jo Ann join us in the celebration as well as Superman and his wonderful wife! How fun would that be?!! I can’t wait for 25,000 hits, can you?! LOVE YOU JO ANN!!!!

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