…and now for something completely different!


One thing that has always set our unit apart (besides having Robin Dunda as our teacher/mentor!) is the way we always find a way to make things FUN. Fun is something we take very seriously. (lol) As you can see by the comment conversation we have going here, we love Mary Kay – the product and the opportunity and we love our girlfriends. Besides, everyone knows that…girls just wanna have fun!

Our unit meetings were possibly the most entertaining in the company. Surely every consultant in our unit has her favorite “Robin” moment! Robin Blackmon Dunda was indeed a Director that took her leadership role seriously. She was so eager to teach us the methods she learned from Mary Kay Ash – as young as 7 years old! – that she pulled out all the stops to engage us and convey the passion that Mary Kay herself possessed for this company, product and opportunity.

We’ve been known to get up and dance during the awesome music provided by our favorite maestro, Stryker; hug each other for no reason at all, giggle so much that we were nearly banned to the hallway (tee hee), be spontaneously served Krispy Kremes or chocolates, host amazing potlucks, scream and cheer while watching ourselves on stage in last year’s Seminar movie clips, and leave the meeting exhausted from laughing, yet inspired and exhilirated to make it our best week ever.

The most valuable thing we had drilled into us tho, is that being a consultant isn’t about you. It’s about “enriching women’s lives”. In our society and all over the world, women work hard as mothers, wives, teachers, nurses, accountants, etc. and many other seemingly thankless jobs. Make it fun to be your customer! Do what you can to brighten someone else’s day at a party or a facial or even with a thinking-of-you card. In doing so, you’ll enrich your own life in the process – growing your business, yes, but forging relationships for life.

…and that, is a concept that’s “something completely different”. 😉


10 Responses to “…and now for something completely different!”

  1. Nice!! 🙂 That sounds exactly like our unit meetings!!

    Robin definitely keeps us laughing…lol “Excuse me, pardon me…excuse me, pardon me…” LMHO That girl is creative and fun and every moment with her is a joy!!

    She absolutely has enriched my life and hundreds of thousands of others as well. I can’t wait to hear from everyone else that has been touched by Robin, and all of our other fabulous Mary Kay Sisters.

    Each day I spend with each one of you is one day more of laughter, fun and friendship. I love how close we all have become lately and I can’t wait to continue to share this fabulous company with more women just like ya’ll!!

    See you Tuesday!! And if I don’t see you Tuesday, call or e-mail me so we can visit about our weekends. If, we don’t even know each other, feel free to contact me as well because I love meeting more of my sisters!! 🙂

    Love & Belief,
    Jerra Merritt 🙂

  2. 2 Denai

    OOH OOH OOH!! I want to chime in!!
    I’m “just an adoptee,” but as Jo Ann reminds us to say, “my local NSD is Jo Ann” – tee hee. I LOVE IT!! When Robin was my local director, I enjoyed many a conversation with her. She is sooo down to earth, loving, kind, compassionate, and encouraging. She could tell you what you needed to change and how to change it in such a way that you weren’t offended but INSPIRED!! And the best part is, she was ALWAYS right!!! I remember standing on her front doorstep one morning this past February, she put my face in her hands and said, “Denai, listen to me…” And I did and the next month, I added 3 new team members and became a team leader. I DOUBLED what I had sold last year, and I was working smarter and not harder.She loves on you like she recruited you herself, and she believes in you more than you believe in yourself. But I also have to share a funny — when she was asked to assist with LeAnne’s skit during the Ascend Financials presentation at the Allison Lamar event in Dallas. Robin was HYSTERICAL…and I have the pictures to prove it…though LeAnne’s costume had absolutely nothing to do with the laughter I am sure (LOL). Oh, in the year I have known her, there are too many stories to share…most involving much laughter. Yep, you all are a FUN group of women. A POSITIVE bunch, and I am PROUD and HONORED to call you my “local unit”.
    Here’s to doubling Jo Ann’s ELITE PACK by Seminar 2007!!
    Denai 😀

  3. 3 Jerian Merritt

    WOW!! Where do I begin when I talk about Robin and the FUN we have had together?? Remember when the hotel caught on fire and we took off toward the stairs in our PJ’s with nothing but my (new at the time) Red Jacket and all your diamonds??? ahhh, good times!

    Robin is such an awesome lady, so personable, and I respect her so much! Robin and Stryker, the kids and Ron & Jo are as close to us as family! I will always stand by them and cheer them on, just like I know they will for us!

    I love hearing the stories that other MK Sisters have shared
    with me about good times with Robin!

    Robin is so funny, and quick with an idea or a comeback! She is always coming up with a new way to have fun and make money at the same time! She is the main reason that “working our Independent Mary Kay business” has always been like “girlfriends just hanging out”. (The way Mary Kay used to, I remember, I was around then too! If I had wanted a J-O-B, I would go get one!) So, my Mary Kay has always been more like a Sorority, a Sisterhood, and a Girls Night Out!!

    Thanks Robin, for the Thursday Nights, then Tuesday Nights, and the Wednesday Afternoons and the Saturday mornings!!!

    There is life after Mary Kay! I will miss the scheduled meetings, but I am happy we are still close!

    I love you kid! ( and Superman too!)

    Jerian (-a-k-a-Momma J.) Merritt

  4. 4 Sandi Borgmeyer

    Having been touched by Robin Blackmon-Dunda at Seminar this year, I have been searching for God’s hand in all of this confusion. This site is so very positive and healing that I can only believe it is His doing and response to it all…keeping us in the right frame of mind to deal with the challenges life presents. Blessings to those of you who put this together for the sake of the women who have been moved by Robin’s spirit. When we trust in the Lord, He always directs our path!

  5. 5 Jerra

    Sandi!! Thanks so much for stopping by to share your support for Robin, the Winners’ Circle and Friends…:) We would love to hear more from you so please come and join us and tell all your friends. And keep us in your prayers. I wish you much success now and always, Jerra:)

  6. Hey Mary Kay Rocks Team!

    What a beautiful tribute to Robin and ALL of the Winners Circle Unit! Mary Kay Ash would be proud of what you all are doing! Your blog represents to all of us what Mary Kay Ash envisioned!

    I quote Mary Kay Ash…”On September 13, 1963, my dream began. It started with nine saleswomen, a small storefront, and two fundamental philosophies. One centered around the Golden Rule and the other around keeping our lives in the proper priority with God first, family second and career third. I imagined a dream company where women would enjoy an open-end opportunity and good business meant doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. Two basic and indispensable philosophies that, when applied to a dream, produced extraordinary results. You see, ideas and dreams are useful in the business world! Thank you from the bottom of a grateful heart. It is my dream that our company and its philosophy will go on forever. My greatest dream is still in the making–and that is that your dream will come true!!” (From A DREAM COME TRUE – A book that Mary Kay dedicated to Star Consulants in 1993 and gave it to us as a Star prize.)

    You ALL are true Leaders and you are on the threshold of making All of your Dreams come true and PROTECTING ALL OF OUR DREAMS! May God continue to bless you!

    This POSITIVE BLOG is such an inspiration to all that comes to the your site!

    Keep up the great work!

    Jo Ann Blackmon
    National Sales Director

  7. 7 Shelia

    Would love to hear ideas on selling the products that have worked for you during the holiday season.

  8. 8 Jean

    Love the web-site!

  9. 9 Holli Blanton

    I have been in Mary Kay for 10 years. Ever since I have joined and attended many Career Conferences and Seminars, two ladies have always stuck out. Robin Blackmon Dunda and JoAnn Blackmon. I remember the first time I attended Career Conference that JoAnn was teaching. There was an excitement in the room before she walked in and everyone around me was telling me how blessed we were to have her as a teacher. The same thing happened when Robin taught. I have spoken to these ladies as a fan at many CC’s and Sem.’s. And every single time they act as if they have all the time in the world. I could tell that they are both truely interested in a woman’s heart and dreams looking at them as an individual. I have a picture with JoAnn and me every year. She has no idea who I am (I am not in their area), and yet hugs me so sincerely and gives me encouragement and love everytime I stop her. They are both special, loving, ladies that have truely helped change and motivate so many lives. My prayers will include Robin and her family and I hope she gets what she deserves–to stay in the company she built with obvious love and spirit that is amazing!!! All my love, Holli , consultant

  10. 10 Jerra

    I loved your comment Holli. Thanks for stopping by to share the love that we have experienced with Joann & Robin. Hope to hear from you again soon, Jerra:)

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