Speaking of fruitcake…


It’s uncanny how our lives seem to be “themed” at times. Meaning to say, no matter how alone it might feel to face our individual trials (a.k.a. growth spurts!), and when it seems we are nearing the end of our proverbial rope, a word of encouragement from a friend we “happen” to bump into, a song or hymn sung at church, and even a phrase read from a blog, can all serve to tie in and even make sense of what the Lord is doing in our lives!

How many times have you ever felt like this?? (lol!)

The following was written by a friend of ours recently, and we thought it brought out a very good point:

I’ve been thinking about the comparing/competing cycle that we humans seem to be caught up in, and am noticing how we spend the great majority of our time proving our worth in order to get kudos from others. It’s like we spend all our time trying to suck praise and admiration out of others, and we’re all doing it!

Listen to the conversations that happen around you, listen to the words. It’s like we need to get our quota of reassurance each day. I’ve also noticed that there’s a distinct difference between those who have a better handle on how loved they are, and those who don’t.

The biggest indicators are:

* they aren’t constantly looking for someone to blame

* they readily acknowledge their faults

* they are genuinely humble

* they apologize quickly

* they rarely tear others down, but rather recognise their brokeness and have compassion for them

* they don’t need to be constantly reassured

* they’re low maintenance friends

* and possibly most importantly, they can freely give love away, recognizing that it doesn’t cost them anything

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? This is who I want to become, with God’s help… and love.

Of course, those of us who are in Mary Kay, get plenty of sincere recognition from our Consultant friends, who are just as excited as we are – or more so, in some cases!! – when we overcome an obstacle and develop another aspect in our businesses.

But as rewarding as recognition for our business achievements is, what if we depend on this alone as our “validation”? The result could be somewhat detrimental to our emotional health! Instead, it’s important to remind ourselves – and each other – of our immense value in the sight of God, our Maker, who will never leave nor forsake us. His love is “vast, immeasurable, boundless, and free”.

And so we conclude with this sweet picture, which is a touching portrait of our Father who watches over us (even if we momentarily forget His incredible care for us!) 🙂


One Response to “Speaking of fruitcake…”

  1. What an incredible blog! How often do we get caught up in the daily things of life, and not take time out to thank God, truly thank Him, for watching over us, keeping us safe, and giving us daily blessings.

    Thank you for sharing that with us. I will NEVER grow tired of coming here, and supporting my friends, family, and sister consultants.

    I pray for everyone to have a blessed week!

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