Bringing you some sunshine…


Goodmorning, ladies! It’s Friday! 😀

The end of another busy week for many of us. This morning, we received this entry via e-mail from Junanne, who has beautifully summed up her thoughts and has given us all another reminder to focus on exactly what we’re to be about. Again – why let yourself willingly be distracted and disheartened? Ponder her words! Her example of a real-woman’s feelings, yet her choice to react with the forbearance and love we are all called to – both as Christians, of course, and as fellow humans in a fallen world – are a timely inspiration. Thank you, Junanne!

And to all who are reading this blog today…

We love you and want God’s BEST for you – today and always!

Mary Kay Rocks ~

Thank you for your positive, uplifting thoughts, and for giving us a place to keep the bonds of friendship alive that were formed through the Winners’ Circle!

When I read your words which reminded me to think about things that are pure, lovely, and of good report, I decided to “be still” for a while tonight. I decided to think about good things while I sat here watching the full moon illuminate everything outside. It’s almost impossible not to think about God and other awesome things when the sight outside the window is so breathtaking.

I believe that one of the most wonderful aspects of being human is that we always have more that we can do. As people who walk through the world, no matter where we work, no matter what our circumstances, who our friends are, where we live, what our dreams are, whether we are young or old, married or single – it doesn’t matter. There is always a chance to do “more.” We all fall short, and of course as humans, none of us is perfect. We have a choice each day – we can do more good – or not. We can move past a disappointment with courage and assurance – or not. We can hold a grudge – or not.

Each day of our lives, we can pray for: More faith in God’s wisdom and His will. More understanding. More love than anger. More resolve to refrain from bitterness. More power to shun gossip or hurtful words. More trust. More words that build others up than tear others down. More tolerance. More kindness. More courage to ask for forgiveness as we seek to forgive. More humility. More time made for things that are eternal.

We can seek out ways to bring more happiness to others. We can ask for hearts that will know more about easing the pain of those who are hurting. We can take more opportunities to help those who are less fortunate. We can be more generous. We can pray that those who feel hopeless will be filled with more hope. We can praise God more for everything. We can be more adamant about never sitting in judgement of another person. We can be more sure about never casting the first stone, knowing that none of us is without sin. We can focus on how we choose to treat others more than we allow ourselves to focus on how we are treated.

God didn’t promise us that our lives as human beings would be easy. In fact, He told us that we would always have trials and tribulations. His Word does teach us how to react to almost every situation, though. We can always, and should always, strive to do better – and do more. My hope and prayer is that anyone who asks would be blessed with more fruits of the spirit. May there be more healing, if healing of any kind is needed. May we always be reminded to give more than is expected and to love more than we believe that we’re able to love.

~ Junanne


5 Responses to “Bringing you some sunshine…”

  1. 1 Gina

    Junanne – Thanks so much for your example. It’s been crazy around here and I haven’t had time to comment sooner, but definitely wanted to thank you publicly! Your words have resonated with me deeply this week. A fantastic reminder for any Christian woman. God bless you! I’m so glad to know you as a friend – and sister consultant. Happy Sunday everyone!!

  2. Good morning gorgeous ladies of Mary Kay! I know there are many of you who read this blog that I don’t have emails for or whom I even know, but I have an easy and quick request.Please pray that we find my 9 yr old kitty who snuck out the window yesterday afternoon…her name is Nala. I know there are AMAZING women of faith who frequent this site and I know our God is an AWESOME God, full of mercy and grace, and capable of ALL THINGS! The prayers would be appreciated and I am more than happy to reciprocate for any request. God bless you all and your businesses!!

  3. 3 Jerra

    I’ve been praying that Nala would return home safe and sound…any luck so far? 🙂 ~Jerra

  4. Kitty is still MIA. We got home last night from an out of town trip (w/o our munchkin) and the housesitter said she hadn’t seen her…One call while we were gone from someone who found a grey kitten, but not our furrkid. I’m not losing hope as our God is TOO big and TOO powerful, too LOVING and COMPASSIONATE towards all creatures of the earth, all of His creation. So I trust she will be ept safe and sound, either returned to us or in a new home that will love and care for her as we did…for almost 10 years.
    Thanks for inquiring and please, continue to pray. One shelter said they receive over 20 animals a day…that is just sad! There are lots of families who are missing their furrkids/pets, and lots of animals in need of a good home, too. Anyhow, have a MIRACULOUS day!!

  5. 5 Ann


    I just found this blog and read your post about Nala. I am a passionate cat lover too and am praying for you and Nala. The “kids” and I have added Nala to our prayer list for her safe return to you. ALL of my “kids” were either neglected or abused, and today they are loving, proud and well-adjusted with a lot of love and “mama nurturing.” Keeping you and Nala in our prayers and rejoicing in the MK opportunity.

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