Happy Thursday…


In an attempt to address a couple of concerns that have been voiced recently, we thought it important to discuss some of the “why’s” of the way we do things on this site.

To begin with, we are in no way unaware of certain circumstances affecting our unit at present. However, since we are independent consultants and our relationship with the company is unchanged, to debate these issues publicly would be not only fruitless, but would also tend to distract us from the task at hand – which is to educate ourselves in order to work our businesses more efficiently and, most importantly, to live our lives to the glory of God. (As stated here.)

The point of this blogsite is to give us a place to interact with the friends and fellow members of our Million-Dollar Unit, and to remind each other of our accomplishments (2006 = #1we did it!!), not forgetting the goals which lie ahead. This is by no means an exclusive site, for our group alone. If you are reading this and are not a member of the Winner’s Circle unit, we are thrilled to have your support and hope that you will be encouraged in turn by what we are up to here!

If there is anything that our Top Director, Robin Blackmon-Dunda, taught us, it’s that if anything great is to be done in this company, it takes a collaborative effort. “One, is the loneliest number that you ever did see…” (Does that bring back any memories of unit meetings? :-D) Under the leadership of Robin, our unit has been a part of such amazing fun! Last summer, we remember sitting on the very front row in the Arena at Seminar 2005 and seeing Robin crowned Queen of the Sapphire Division with our very own eyes. To sit there and watch that Award’s Night play out on stage, knowing that you had contributed personally to our unit’s success with just the measures taken to grow your own business, is (nearly) indescribable! That moment was incredibly thrilling and one that will never be forgotten.


Some have wondered whether it is wise to post memories of these things publicly, since it is possible that what we hold in high regard may be scorned by those who have never experienced such leadership, but the collaborative team here at Mary Kay Rocks agree that we have nothing to hide. The Bible itself tells us not to “put our light under a bushel”!

The influence of Robin Blackmon-Dunda , and our Million-Dollar unit that represents her, is far-reaching indeed. It’s possible that while here we will edify not only ourselves, but many, many others of the MK community and general public, and for that reason, we do not take lightly our responsiblity as Christian women to “shun profane and vain babblings “, but encourage you to think instead on those things that are “lovely, pure, of good report”, etc. We hope you will take our admonition to not frequent any website that only serves to slander and cast shadows upon the character of those affiliated with our company. Our purpose in this is not to prevent you from being exposed to certain “truths”, but hopefully make you aware that to fill our minds with such things is both fruitless and disheartening. Therefore we serve to remind you that there are always two sides to every story.

Life is a journey that includes both exhilarations and disappointments. Our value as a human being in God’s sight is tremendous, but it’s easy to lose sight of this Truth when we face personal hardships and sorrow. How much better then to lift each other up in prayer and with an encouraging word? For our bond of friendship is much stronger than the alliance we have as Independent Beauty Consultants. And that is what we celebrate here.

Love from…

~ The Mary Kay Rocks Team ~


3 Responses to “Happy Thursday…”

  1. 1 Jerra Merritt

    Hello Winners!!! This is Jerra taking the main stage!! (which I know there are some of you on here that know I’m a performer so you know I like it…lol) Just letting everyone know that there are lots of pictures of my performances, MK stuff, family stuff etc. that’s on my myspace.com/jerramerritt
    If any of my fellow unit members or sister consultants are in any of those pictures and you don’t wanna be…just drop me an e-mail missgogive2006@hotmail.com and I’ll happily blur or crop you out and repost them…no prob! I can’t do anything about those that are posted on any other sites because I’m sure they have already saved them…sorry. I’m just simply standing behind a friend and celebrating our friendships…provided we were friends of course…lol…and if you know me…then you know that’s true. Ok, so go out and make it a million dollar day!! Love ya’ll!! ~Jerra 🙂

  2. 2 Jerian

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU FOR THINKING IT’S ME!! I’d love to be able to take the credit for creating the MaryKayRocks site and although I support it wholeheartedly you can stop calling and e-mailing me because I didn’t create it. I’m good, but let’s give credit to The Mary Kay Rocks Team where credit is due and if you have any other comments, questions or concerns then I suggest you contact them directly. Let me go on record to say that I am also a friend of Robin and her family so I support and stand by them as we are sisters-in-christ. God bless ya’ll. Love & Belief, Jerian

  3. 😀 CONGRATULATIONS ON OVER 14,000 HITS!!!!!!!!! 😀

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