Let’s get this party started!…


…with a picture blog! (Thanks to Amber and Denai for some great pix!!)

As a Gonna Bee Director, Amber can’t wait to drive her daughters home in the famous Pink Cadillac. The model shown at the MK Expo for this year’s Seminar was FABULOUS!


The annual Awards evening that we dress up in our princess gowns, leave the year’s struggles behind us forever to celebrate our accomplishments in style, gives us a renewed vision to make next year the best ever!


We get SO excited when our sisters succeed! If you’re a new Consultant, our enthusiasm may be a different experience for you – and even a tad alarming! (lol) – but we can’t help it, it’s undeniable, and you have to admit that there’s nothing quite like watching someone you care about finish the goal!! (Hurray for Tammy!)


But although profit from sales made and prizes earned are both thrilling, the real treasure we value are our FRIENDS. At group events, we get a chance to spend real time with each other and usually end up making best buds for life!


To the all the unit members and friends of the Winner’s Circle and our amazingly talented Top Director, Robin Blackmon-Dunda…

We love you!!

~ The Mary Kay Rocks Team ~


11 Responses to “Let’s get this party started!…”

  1. Girls….Let’s say it LOUD, and say it PROUD….AMEN!!!! You go Tammy! Look at you driving the Vibe, and now with a DIRECTOR’S Suit! Woo Hoo 😀 I am so proud of you. And by the way, don’t Rachelle & Shellie (respectively) look awesome!!!!! I am so proud to have GREAT friends like you! :-*

  2. 2 Shellie

    Amber… you look great in that pink caddy! I want to say GOOD MORNING… have a great Wednesday!

  3. 3 Gina

    Happy Wednesday, everyone! Loving the pictures!!! What fun…I missed you guys so much those Seminar days in August and thought of you nearly every minute. Thanks for giving us a chance to experience the memories for ourselves!

    Go Tammy! Soooo happy for you. You worked hard and made it happen. Yessssss!! 😀

  4. Congrats! Tammy!!!! Woo Hoo….(applause for you!)

  5. 5 Julie

    Tammy, crongratulations on stepping up in black!! Way to go !!

  6. 6 TammyS

    Congrats Tammy!! You said at seminar 2005 that you would be a new director in 2006 You did it!!! So proud of you and your team.

  7. 7 Shellie

    I love you guys… and Robin, YOU ROCK!!!

  8. 8 Shellie

    Oh… and the traffic this site is getting… AWESOME JOB LADIES! XOXO!!!

  9. 9 Denai

    WOW!!!!! Over 8000 hits so far – go girls go!
    We still need more to make it on the TOP LIST for wordpress.com so keep referring others!!!! PINK HUGS


    Hi girl

  11. 11 Jerian Merritt


    TAMMY & the “Diamonds in The Rough”!
    SHELLIE & the “S.W.A.T Team”!!

    CONGRATS!!! Ya’ll are Great!!!!!!!!!!

    We, who are STILL “THE WINNERS’ CIRCLE” are very proud of you both!! We prayed for you every step of the way, and we knew you would make it through!! and you did!!!

    OH, and…congrats to “our sister/cousins”…Misty & Elizabeth…CADILLACS….OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kisses!

    Just a word of Praise for ya’ll, you know I love you!


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