Just walking in the rain…


The nice thing about rain is that it gives one a new perspective of the outside world. After weeks and weeks and weeks (months?!) of nearly unbearable heat that turned me into a hermit, holed into my dark bat cave, hiding from even the suggestion of light, I’ve now opened up the entire house! In fact, my family and I frequented the outdoors all weekend long – even in the rain.

As a rule, I can’t stand the rain, and avoid it at all costs, but the relief that it has afforded has been immense and has left me ecstatic for an entire week. Hurray for rain!

I’m hoping that this September – and perhaps this website even! – will offer you the relief and renewed perspective that the rain has brought my way: washing over us with a clean breeze and reminding us to cherish what was ours all summer long, now embracing it with a vigor that will rejuvenate us in every area of our lives.

Go out and make it a Million Dollar Day!


4 Responses to “Just walking in the rain…”

  1. After reading this, I opened up my blinds, too! It is GREAT to let the sunshine in…in our homes, hearts, to share with others, and to shine on our business! Here’s to a Sensational September with more smiles, sets, and successes!!!! May we all be a reflection of Christ, a light to others during dark times and dreary days.

  2. Girl, isn’t God awesome??? I mean, it has hot, humid, and GROSS…and God let it rain! Thank you Lord for the refreshment that our earth received, and for the cooler weather we received.

  3. Hello my wonderful Mary Kay Sisters!! I’d like to quickly remind or enlighten everyone about what NSD Emeritus Nancy Tietjen always said…”Don’t let anyone rain on your parade!” Today those words ring in my heart so I want to encourage everyone to do what they have to do to make sure the world knows that we are here and we are proud to be carrying on Mary Kay Ashs’ legacy. I also want to encourage everyone to continue to leave words of love on Robins’ unitnet as well as here. We want the whole Mary Kay Sales Force to know that we are not letting anything rain on our parade and that we stand behind our 2 Time Million Dollar Director as we continue to carry on Mary Kays’ dream. I love and appreciate you all so much! They ain’t seen nothin’ yet! 🙂 ~Jerra

  4. Well spoken, Jerra! You are awesome!!!! :-*

    I mean…=D>

    That was applause, by the way, Jerra.  LOL!

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