Hello world!


Welcome to the “Mary Kay Rocks” blog site! We are so pleased that you have dropped by. The Winner’s Circle unit is alive and going strong! We’re gearing up to add lots of fun stuff.  Get started with a comment!  Add your own post or pictures of Winner’s Circle memories by e-mailing it to the moderators at: marykayrocks2005@yahoo.com


40 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Wow! This is fantastic! I’m so excited. Love you, Robin!! 😀

  2. 2 Amber

    I just wanted to say that because of Robin, I have found Mary Kay. Wow!!! What an experience my life the past 2 years have been!!! I have met incredible women thru Mary Kay and cherish each and everyone of them. Thank You, Robin! I love you…..to be continued.

  3. This is awesome. What a great way for us to communicate in a positive way. Hope eveyone had a great holiday weekend.

  4. 4 Raechelle

    Thank you for including me!!! I love you all so much!!! Robin, you are OUR QUEEN-FOREVER AND ALWAYS!!!!!

  5. 5 Raechelle

    OOPS—And Stryker–YOU ARE OUR KING!!!

  6. *let’s try this again!*
    ….I’m back. Just wanted to send some appreciation and love to my fellow sisters in the Winner’s Circle. I am so proud of all of us! We have a great Director and a fabulous future area!!! 🙂

  7. 7 jerian, the gratitude rock


    First: How very PROUD & HONORED I am the be a part of The WINNERS’ CIRCLE!!

    Thank you ROBIN BLACKMON-DUNDA! (OUR Fearless Leader)and (Stryker-our Superman!), for sharing the wisdom you have inherited from MARY KAY ASH, DALENE WHITE, LADY RUTH BROWN, JANA COX and JOANN BLACKMON, not to mention the countless other women, and their ideas you have shared with us!!

    The wisdom we have gotten from FRIENDS OF YOURS; ie: National Sales Directors and Directors, their books, tapes, CD’s and DVD’s, videos, phone calls, party ideas, show ideas, do it quick challenges, etc. is what makes it so Fun!!

    The training we received via your weekly classes and web site, and the opportunities of going to hear, in person, RENA TARBET,GLORIA MAYFIELD-BANKS,PAMELA WALDROP-SHAW, and DAVID COOPER, are what has helped so many of us become successful Consultants, DIQ’s and Directors! (Name one who has ‘made it’, that can say You and these People, are NOT the reasons why??)

    I remember sitting on the front row, because our Unit was the Number 1 Unit in Texas, to get to listen to DARRELL OVERCASH, US President Mary Kay, Inc., and SEAN KEY, VP Sales & Development; these were ones I will ALWAYS REMEMBER! They praised us for doing such a Great Job!

    Speaking of praises, I also remember getting to hear REV. RICK ATCHLEY speak about our wonderful company. Just goes to show, that we are a company of beautiful, Christian women!

    The personal phone call that woke me, is still in my phone. It was a call congratulating the Winners Circle Unit, the Robin Blackmon-Dunda Unit on being a Million Dollar Unit, from HEATHER HINES & JULIA WILSON from the Sapphire Sales Development Department!! They said they “were proud of each and every one of us, and they knew we could do it! They couldn’t wait to celebrate this accomplishmnet with us @ Seminar!” WOW!! This company sure knows how to make a POINT!!

    So do I, Robin. I am proud and honored to be a Sister in arms with you in MARY KAY COSMETICS! I thank you for your time, love and support. I reach out to those who only wish they could know you the way I do. The lives you have touched across our great Nation, the smiles that people have seen and the glimmer of hope that shines in your blue eyes, is the same glimmer that shown from our beloved Mary Kay, herself; I know, I had the opportunity to hold her hand, have her look in my eyes, and whisper the same words you have: “You Can Do It! I Believe In You!”

    Ladies, when I met Dalene White, Mary Kays’ First Beauty Consultant, she handed me her Personal card, with a big smile, she squeezed my hand, and said, “Honey, you call me anytime!” I haven’t done that since she was at our AREA dinner at Seminar, but maybe it’s time I did…

    with Love & Belief,

  8. Hello fabulous Winners’ Circle!!! Your support and dedication to this unit is unparalleled and I just want to say how much I love and respect you. I want you to know how honored I am to be your Miss Go Give 2006. It means the world to me that you voted me the highest honor in Mary Kay and I cherish the title and hold each one of you very close to my heart. I am proud of our units’ acchomplishments and I celebrate our commitment to integrity and ethics as we continue to pass on Mary Kays’ dream. I also celebrate our wonderful Director, Robin Blackmon-Dunda as she has taught us to discover the women that our dear, sweet Mary Kay would be proud of. In the days ahead I challenge you to search your soul and share with the world how Robin Blackmon-Dunda and those that paved the road to greatness before her have touched your lives. “I’m just beginning, the pen’s in my hand, ending unplanned…”
    Love & Belief,
    Jerra Merritt

  9. In the one year I have come to know the members and leaders of The Winner’s Circle, I can honestly say I have learned the TRUE meaning of the Go-Give Spirit! I plan to continue to exemplify what you have taught me with my own unit. Being on your “A-Team” has a afforded me amazing opportunities both personally, professionally, and spiritually. Moving to Texas granted me the opportunity to work full-time building my Mary Kay business. Through the guidance, training, and inspiration of the Winner’s Circle directors and team, I have doubled the size of my future unit, sold more in six months than I did in 1.5 years in Nebraska, and am living out the dreams God’s planted on my heart!! THANK YOU for your love and belief in ME! I applaud and appreciate each and every one of you. My best and closest friends are Mary Kay women…in the Winner’s Circle! This unit listens (not just hears) when taught what to do & how and when. You believe (not just act) in yourselves, your abilities, and your dreams. You exemplify (not just pretend) the attitude and future-focus Mary Kay Ash intended for consultants to have…all of which Robin and Stryker continue to reinforce and display in their daily actions. But, most of all — YOU ARE WOMEN OF EXCELLENCE, INTEGRITY, HONOR!! You realize all praise belongs to God Almighty for each success, small or large, and that He makes ALL THINGS possible. Robin is living proof of how keeping the company philosophy close to heart (God first, Family second, Career third) can result in amazing success! She’s a million dollar director AGAIN and wouldn’t be there without all of you!!Thank you Winner’s Circle for showing me the way this company was meant to be built, run, and shared. Thank you for treating me like “one of your own” and extending your open arms in so many ways. What an honor it is to know each of you, to share this experience of being part of an award-winning unit like the Winner’s Circle, and to personally know Robin and Stryker, as well as all of you. And to have such a fantastic “local” National Sales Director as JoAnn Blackmon to learn from – WOW!! You all are leaving an AWESOME LEGACY!!!!!! I am thrilled, honored, and privileged to be part of it all. Thank you for your inspiration, motivation, and for your love and belief!! May you have a glory-filled, God-filled, favor-full day! A “GONNA BEE” DIRECTOR – Denai Vaughn

  10. 10 Shellie

    WOW… this is great! You ladies are awesome… and Robin… you ROCK! I love you! XOXO!

  11. 11 Julie

    Hey wonderful ladies! There is no reason why we can’t be the best because we had the best to show us the way!! Yeah! Robin! As one of your directors, I hope I have absorbed some of your dynamic creative energy! I love you!

  12. 12 Junanne

    Hello everyone!! This is a great place where we can all connect! I’m so glad that I am associated with you – such awesome women! Thank you Robin, for sharing the opportunity with me and for offering me the chance to join The Winner’s Circle 12 years ago (thank goodness for TW eye cream!! 🙂 ). I wouldn’t change a single day! You’ve shown us all that dreams really do come true when you put the work into it! I’ve learned more wonderful things from you than I could ever type here – I love you!!! I’m so happy and proud to see what everyone else is doing with their business. Way to go, Tammy! Special Congrats to you on an awesome accomplishment! I hope EVERYONE here has a blessed, Spectacular September!!

  13. 13 Nicole

    I am so happy that this blog has started. Although I am not from the Winners Circle, I applaud you on your initiative to provide an avenue for positive images of Mary Kay Consultants and Directors. There are some negative ones out there which are just mean and viscious. I hope this will go a long way to diffuse that negativity. Good Luck!

  14. 14 missgogive2006

    Thanks for the comment Nicole!! That’s exactly the point..;) Please gather your friends and ya’ll drop by often and share your positive experiences with Mary Kay, your Director, NSD and ours as well!! Oh, and be sure and name drop…;) It helps the google search clean up that mud that so many wonderful womens names have been drug through…lol Love and Belief, Jerra 🙂

  15. I couldn’t agree more. We are a proud unit of women who were taught by an incredible woman herself on the principles and beliefs that Mary Kay Ash spoke of. We are here to support and love on each other not only in Mary Kay love, but most importantly in God’s love. I hope that when you visit, you do not feel shy, but to leave a message of promise for everyone of us. That is the *true* reason of this site. To offer love and support. There is too much negativity out there, and “sites” not created in God’s name for us to just stand by and watch it fall down.
    Let us give cheer, love, and promise for our future. I hope you all have a Million Dollar Day! Love and Belief.

  16. 16 I love Mary Kay!

    Thank you for making this site so impressive! I am a Cadillac Sales Director and have recently come across many negative sites, that have disgusted me. I am truly blessed by all of you taking the initiative to continue the Mary Kay way in this website. I have not met Robin Blackmon-Dunda but have heard nothing but positive remarks. I have a team of women from Dallas, TX in my unit and they have met her on several occasions. I truly wish the best for all of you! I will pass this blog on to others for inspiration as well! Make it a great day!!

  17. 17 mkprayerrequests

    As you read this, may God continue to work in your life and on your heart – Live this life for Him! Negative postings are pleasing to the enemy. All things good come from God, but when we talk, act, think, or write negative things, He isn’t glorified…but the enemy sure is doing a happy dance. This saddens God and, as there are women who are Christ’s followers reading please ponder this, “Are your online posts (to any site) pleasing to Him or to the enemy? If Jesus was looking over your shoulder as you type, would He be pleased?”

    Sites which allow you to post messages should all be used in a positive manner, just as this one is and The MK Prayer Community. Instead of being fruitless, be FRUITFUL and find ways to glorify God in all things…to bring Him glory and honor and praise ALWAYS. There are going to always be people coming and going in any business, and there are always going to be differing opinions on everyone and everything under the sun. But there are godly ways to disagree (Romans 12:8-21).

    It is up to YOU to be a light for others to follow! Remain positive, encouraging, and constantly glorify God…especially when it is hardest to do or seems you are in the minority. Know you have an amazing support system RIGHT HERE online!! Never forget that HE is in control and when we let God guide us in every word, action, and deed, then we don’t have to worry about hurting anyone, or satan getting satisfaction from the decisions we make. *He will be glorified!*

    So, as you continue to read and post online, may God guide your words, actions, thoughts, and deeds. GLORIFY GOD IN ALL THINGS…IN EVERY WAY!!

    The Mary Kay Prayer Community

    Founded on Mark 11:22 and 24

  18. 18 Darearea

    I like the idea behind this site, however I think it is difficult to read. Maybe I have ADHD or something – but I think the site is too “busy”. You don’t need to post this – just a suggestion.

  19. 19 lovemk

    My first entry on a blog ever – but I felt compelled to write. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! While on google last night looking for some Pamela Shaw CD’s I came across a less than positive MK blog – and truly had my pink bubble dented for a moment. Then this morning, still searching for Pamela Shaw CD’s – I came across yours! God does work in mysterious ways – I’m back energized and ready to roll!!!!!! I’ll visit your site often – you can never get enough positive ideas in your life! Thank you for providing this forum.

  20. Thanks, lovemk! This is the very reason this site exists – to support each other in love and truth. We appreciate you! 😉

  21. Wow lovemk!! We’re so excited you found us!! We’d love to hear your positive stories w/ Mary Kay!! Please come back often and visit with us and tell all your friends!! 🙂
    ~missgogive2006, Jerra 🙂

  22. 22 Denai

    I LOVE finding so many positive websites on Mary Kay! Have y’all googled that lately? I checked out the prayer request page that was listed here (seems like that is just getting started – cool!), and I came across “Faith In Mary Kay,” too. THIS IS AWESOME!! We are on the grow on the worldwide web. I’d love to know what other positive/neutral websites y’all have found online. Please share!!!!

  23. 23 Raechelle

    Don’t forget IHOP tomorrow night!!! 9:00 183 in Euless!!!
    Let’s all catch up!!!!
    I will bring pictures of MY JASON TOO!!!!!

  24. NOTE TO READERS – getting together isn’t limited to the Winner’s Circle, there are others of us planning to go who aren’t in the unit. 🙂
    What do y’all say to meeting BEFORE “Catch the Dream” next month…same plus but at 8/8:30?? Anyone up for BREAKFAST? I know there are others not able to make it tonight so.

  25. 25 Raechelle

    What a fun evening!!! Missed so many of you!!!
    We need to plan another fun night!!!!
    No engagement yet….but we are looking at rings!!!!
    Anyone know a good jeweler that would custom make something for us with the diamonds from my old wedding ring….haha (they were my grandmother’s diamonds!!!)

  26. 26 Joe

    Is there a site where we can get Mary Kay’s speech “The Story of the Bumblebee” A wonderful student of mine wants to use it in a speech competition for Declamation. Thanks, Joe McKenna-Gloucester catholic HS N.J.

  27. 27 Jerra

    You could try calling 1800MaryKay, telling them your story and they might know where you could find it. Sorry, I don’t have it anywhere in print or I would send it to you. 🙂 Good luck, Jerra:)

  28. 28 trying mk for 2nd time

    Back in 2002 Robin and her mother came to OKC for our fall conference to speak and she picked me to participate in the marketing plan, I could not join at that time but I enjoyed her warmth and her pep. Then I signed up the next year, then quit, now I am fixing to go at it again. I think it is awful that this tragic thing happened to Robin, I would go to her website lots of times and actually felt part of the unit. Loved her teachings also. I think MK should have “exposed” maybe someone else who may have been more guilty, not Robin. Good Luck in what you do!!!!

  29. 29 hollerlouderdude

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