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We’ve definitely been busy little “bee’s” this week!!  Whew!  September month-end is a few days away and so many new products – hope you’re as excited as we are to introduce our customers to these amazing new items.  And the sets!  Wow!! We wanted to take this opportunity to show our thanks to our National […]

Oh dear…


It’s finally happened. *sigh* We knew it was inevitable, but didn’t figure that it would be so soon. Mary Kay Rocks is officially 2 weeks old, and we’re already at 18,000 hits! YIPPEE!! Thanks to all of the Consultants and Directors and friends of the Winners Circle unit who have stopped by to say “hello”. […]

One thing that has always set our unit apart (besides having Robin Dunda as our teacher/mentor!) is the way we always find a way to make things FUN. Fun is something we take very seriously. (lol) As you can see by the comment conversation we have going here, we love Mary Kay – the product […]

Your turn…


…and now we want to hear from you! This is an interactive site, and our desire is to make it as user-friendly as possible. So leave us a comment, giving your feedback about what you like so far and offer suggestions for improvement! It’s a great day! ~ The Mary Kay Rocks Team ~

It’s uncanny how our lives seem to be “themed” at times. Meaning to say, no matter how alone it might feel to face our individual trials (a.k.a. growth spurts!), and when it seems we are nearing the end of our proverbial rope, a word of encouragement from a friend we “happen” to bump into, a […]

Goodmorning, ladies! It’s Friday! 😀 The end of another busy week for many of us. This morning, we received this entry via e-mail from Junanne, who has beautifully summed up her thoughts and has given us all another reminder to focus on exactly what we’re to be about. Again – why let yourself willingly be […]

In an attempt to address a couple of concerns that have been voiced recently, we thought it important to discuss some of the “why’s” of the way we do things on this site. To begin with, we are in no way unaware of certain circumstances affecting our unit at present. However, since we are independent […]