There are different schools of thought on working your Mary Kay with family and friends. Some consultants prefer to keep family and business separate while others dive right in and begin their business by working with those they already know well. Sharing Mary Kay with family and friends can present some unique challenges. But it can also be a lot of fun for you and for them. Here are some tips to share your Mary Kay with family and friends while also keeping the integrity of those relationships intact:

· Let the word get out about your business. Include friends and family in your business start-up mailings or e-mail initiatives. Sending out an announcement about your new business in the mail or by e-mail can be a great way to break the ice about your business. Even if a certain loved one is not interested, she may be able to give you a referral if she knows you’re in business.

· When it comes to face-to-face time with family and friends, take your time when introducing Mary Kay. Let your love of the product come up naturally in conversation, instead of forcing the topic. You needn’t be afraid to make casual mention of your business, but remember to keep the relationship first. Take the time to catch up about life in general before bringing up business. And if you’ve already sent her a mailing, she may just bring it up before you do!

· When family & friends do express interest, be sure to give them the same professional treatment you would to any other customer (i.e. don’t bag your mom’s order in a grocery sack if you usually give customers a Mary Kay bag for their products). It is important to provide all of your customers with outstanding customer service to prevent them feeling as if you take their business for granted.

· Play together! When a sister or cousin or best friend wants to try some of your fabulous Mary Kay products, this is a great excuse to just have fun together. If you already have a high trust level with each other then she’ll probably be more inclined to try new things that you recommend just for her. Take her lead on how much she wants to try and then as long as she is having fun, just have fun with her.

· Remember to “close” your friend or family member when you’re done “playing” with the products. A simple way to ask for the sale without putting on the pressure would be to say, “What have you tried today that you would like to take home?” If there is something she wants to take home then she’ll let you know. And if not, then you may consider gauging her future interest by offering to help her put together a wish list.

· While showing the products and even when closing, hold the sale itself loosely. If you’re otherwise very relaxed and easy going with her, then keep the mood relaxed when trying to “make the sale” with her. If you go into it with the idea that you’re just going to have fun and the sale is secondary, then she can relax and enjoy, and so can you. Whether she buys or not, at least you had a nice time with someone you care about!

· Take “no” for an answer. Whether it’s a “no” to a facial or a “no” to the Mary Kay business opportunity, it can be hard when someone you love doesn’t seem to be interested in something you love. But people and relationships should always come first. Move on graciously and continue to show the loved one the same love and respect you always have.

If you decide to work with family and friends it can be a great thing for you and for them. You will have someone you care about to work with. They will have customized product recommendations and great service from someone they already love and trust. Keeping relationships first and foremost will be the key to keeping your friends even while building a successful business.

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We’re in the news, girls!    😀

The Dallas Morning News headlines the controversy between corporate and Robin Blackmon-Dunda, on the front page of the Business section. 

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Well! I find it hard to believe that the holidays are here again – already! But this year – for the first time in my married life – I’m ready for them. My small kids are finally getting older. Being of the ages 6, 4, and 2, their zest for all the small discoveries of the world around them is both comical and astonishing to watch. Needless to say, we are having a great time singing and baking and eating and planning our festivities for the season.

October marked my third year as a beauty consultant. Since I also turned 28 this year, looking back on the last three years of my life is quite interesting. The Mary Kay opportunity found me at just the right time, and if I had it to do over again, I’d sign my agreement without hesitation.
Stopping to ponder who I was then and the woman I’ve developed into as of Thanksgiving Day, 2006, I’d have to say that I’ve “grown up” in the time I’ve been a consultant. Granted, it’s not because of Mary Kay entirely, since most women experience a noted change or settling in their late-20’s, but having something that was mine for the first time really aided me in discovering the individual that was below the surface all along. I married very young, at age 19, and to a man 16 years my senior. Since my main focus was assisting him in ministry, I had no clue about the potential I possessed – not only to be a competent customer service rep, but to be confident and conversant in pretty much any social arena. My husband and friends knew this about me, but if I hadn’t forced myself to breach the “comfort zone” and risk new friendships, I would not be the woman I am today.

The person who was the most constant influence since the start of my career as a consultant was my Director, Robin Blackmon-Dunda. She is excellent at recognizing and drawing out one’s personality. This is definitely a learned skill and one that I am only just beginning to comprehend. I find myself recently stopping to listen to people – instead of immediately launching into my own life’s history! lol Finding out their stories and interests, makes me a better friend, companion, and customer service rep.

…which reminds me. I’m supposed to be writing about “that for which I am thankful”!

I’m thankful for the last three years. Two of them have been the most difficult in my life, but even so, are woven through with many joys and achievements that I’d otherwise never have known or experienced if I’d have only sat at home doing housework and dreaming of heroines in classic novels authored by women centuries before my time.

I’m thankful for Mary Kay Ash and for the company she founded before I was even born. I am proud to be a part of a something bigger. Something that pays bills when necessary and gives me extra money that our budget wouldn’t otherwise afford. I am free to confidently share the product and opportunity and do my part in Enriching Women’s Lives while managing a viable, instantly lucrative, yet flexible business.

I’m thankful for my husband and family. Even on the days when I want to run away to the Caribbean! I’m incredibly grateful for the health and joy that we possess. The thought that I’m molding the character of three tiny, unique persons makes me tremble each day and desire to strive for excellence in everything I do.

I’m thankful for the many, many friends and relationships I’ve built since starting my business. Having an excuse and motivation to reach out and talk to a stranger took my circle of three friends (in our new community) to having more than 275 phone numbers in my cell phone. Some of my customers are my closest friends and I’m awed that a lipstick or a mascara brought us together. My fellow unit members and adoptee consultants – you all mean so much to me. It’s a joy to do life with you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

…as a restful Sunday afternoon. It’s rainy in the heart of MK country today. The “Home” CD by Michael Buble’ that’s playing in the background perfectly fits my mood and the ambience in this household today.

What about you? What recharges and nurtures your soul? Is it meeting a friend for coffee? Worshipping at church? Reading to your children or grandchildren? A quiet evening all to yourself? (Finding the best deal ever on the clearance rack?)

As women, we are called upon to meet the needs and demands of so many around us. We tirelessly nurture and care for others with genuine compassion. And while we are perfectly equipped to do so, it’s sometimes easy to lose our perspective or purpose in the everyday mundane of work, dishes, diapers and therapy phone calls.

Many times, our weakness and downright exhaustion we encounter, as our bodies take the toll of daily duties, can lead us to question our very purpose for existence. We can hardly remember “why” we got into this in the first place. (Whose idea was it to have these kids??) And who are we, anyway? Our identity seems to have been lost in the shuffle and filed away with last year’s tax refund.

Sometimes then, we fall into a sort of musing pout, longing to “find” ourselves again. In fact, it’s very tempting to get caught up in a search for meaning, and eventually, even leading to a sort of self-serving obsession. But looking for validation from those around us only brings disappointment: we’re seeking for something permanent from beings that are finite and temporal (two big words that basically mean faulty and short-lived). In short, if we count on others to fulfill our basic emotional need for meaning and value, we will end up hurting and confused – worse off than when we started this “quest”.

These musings themselves are one of the things that set us apart as human beings, however. They point us up and away from the everyday distractions that make up every part of our lives in the 21st century. The radio, T.V., computer, and other forms of media keep us from thinking and meditating on who we are as humans and why we have been put on this earth. When we don’t take the time to shut down and recharge and “muse”, we lose sight of our real purpose. In some cases this can even lead to depression and worse.

It’s vital that we stop and remind ourselves of our “why”, regaining our perspective. As a Bible-believing Christian, I recognize that humans are made in the image of God.  Acknowledging this value does bring a sense of responsibility, for it compels us to reciprocate. Once we comprehend that our value is intrinsic and not dependent on outside affirmations, we can care for and serve those around us with the contentment we once pursued. This is truly liberating! We are free to fulfill our individual purpose. Everything we work toward seems more attainable, our zeal is fresher. Physical and emotional fatigue does not set our moods, as it once did, for we remember that it is just a temporary side effect caused by our efforts toward something greater than ourselves. Surely every part of our lives – including the pursuit of goals – is best viewed in the light of our God-given meaning.

Go out and make it a Million-Dollar Day!

Heading straight into the best-selling season for most consultants – CHRISTMAS! We shiver with excitement every time we see the new catalogue. So many new products = so many new selling opportunities! Our customers, both new and seasoned, are going to love all the new stuff. No need to fight the madness at the mall, since it’s much more personal and convenient having a professional Mary Kay consultant servicing you.

So…we want to hear what YOUR favorites are!

This season’s color looks as seen in “The Look” Fall 2006:

…don’t forget to be prepared with this quarter’s PCP gift!

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WE DID IT! +25,000 HITS!!!

Mary Kay does indeed ROCK…thanks to YOU! 😉

We’ve definitely been busy little “bee’s” this week!!  Whew!  September month-end is a few days away and so many new products – hope you’re as excited as we are to introduce our customers to these amazing new items.  And the sets!  Wow!!

We wanted to take this opportunity to show our thanks to our National Sales Director, Jo Ann Blackmon.  She is quite a woman!

Jo Ann is the sweetest lady you’ll ever meet.  Her voice is so soft, and always smiling – even over the phone.  With her gentle but firm reminders, she never fails to urge us to make the most of our businesses, constantly keeping the example of Mary Kay Ash at the forefront.  She’s always available for a kind word or advice about booking, etc.  She’s also the queen of e-mail!  Not a day goes by when we don’t have a new tip, deadline reminder, or selling idea in our inboxes.  Jo Ann is the mother of Robin Blackmon-Dunda, and no mother could be prouder!  Ron and Jo Ann provided a loving and positive environment for their children, truly encouraging them to stretch and reach their potentials…and what a legacy this mother instilled in her daughter!


More of her “story” later!  WE LOVE YOU, JO ANN!!